Alstar History

With the help of almighty God we have been succeeded to promote the outcome of 40 years' experiences of Aluminum industry in production and sales field of all types of industrial and constructional sections as Alstar Group with new attitude along with world latest technology in door and window industry and affiliate industries under 20,000 square meter space to give worthy and sincere services to all customers.
The company has started its development plan in 1390 and was succeeded to take an impressive step in supporting domestic production by establishing a plant of Aluminum profile production and electrostatic powder coating line in Shamsabad industrial park along with job creation for 70 employees:
In continuation of this approach and shareholders goals, the attempts has resulted with utilizing well-versed and proficient forces also the production is significantly enhanced in a short time by gaining a favorable share of the target market and customer satisfaction which leads us to develop number of staff to 130 people.
Our production units such as Extrusion, Electrostatic coating, wood effect coating, anodizing sections and the other units are managed by qualification control systems in order to serving best quality of products and services.
Customer Satisfaction, Product Diversity, and maintaining spotless quality is one of the main goals of this group.
Making a modern office design and having a permanent exhibition of unique and exclusive products as the first in the country are the other innovations of this industrial complex.

About Alstar

Office and exhibition space

Alstar Industrial Complex, with the importance of customer orientation and in order to honor the client, has created its office environment in a space of 500 square meters with a very beautiful view, and with attractive design and decoration and the use of efficient forces in different parts Provide decent services to their customers. Another part of the headquarters in Sari is the permanent exhibition of products produced in this complex. Extremely beautiful and unique design, which is formed by making parts of the facades of buildings and using different materials, has turned the customers' dream of this collection into a vivid and tangible image that is unique in its kind.

Production Units

Profile production factory

The use of advanced and modern machines has a great impact on increasing the efficiency and quality of production. In fact, automating the production line reduces human error and increases production speed. Therefore, the use of devices with high accuracy will result in the production of products without violation and customer satisfaction will reach its maximum.


Factory for production of doors and windows

By creating an organizational chart and in accordance with the criteria of a successful business, Alstar Industrial Complex has taken effective measures to achieve its goals and strategy, which has led to creativity and innovation in presenting the products of this complex. Establishment of various units such as research and development unit, technical engineering unit, quality control unit, quality assurance unit and use of laboratories approved by the standard office, expresses this thinking.


Project statistics Done

Over the years, Alstar Industrial Complex has left a complete resume with the implementation of small and large projects in the field of doors, windows and facades in Iraq and different cities of our country, which is a sign of the company's capability. Now, for more familiarity with this industrial complex, the statistics of some implemented projects are mentioned.

Number of projects completed in the last five years
Area of ​​projects completed in the last five years
Ongoing projects
Area of ​​ongoing projects

our projects

Alstar Products

Alstar Company's products are a combination of experience of skill and modern thinking in the country's industry, which offers the most desirable level of quality of its products by using the most advanced machines in the world in the field of producing aluminum sections.