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Aluminum doors and windows For a long time, aluminum windows adorned luxury buildings and from The materials considered by designers and engineers in their architectures have been with log in The new generation of this type of windows is called "Thermal Brake with a polymer layer. Polyamide type between the walls of aluminum profiles, molecular motion obedience and heat transfer barrier And the coldness goes from the outer wall to the inner wall. Ability to choose two different colors for the exterior and interior of the window, Another unique feature is the thermal break technology. The topic of reducing noise pollution and Sound insulation is another factor that welcomes designers and builders of this type of windows.

Hinged and sliding doors and windows UPVC

UPVC window is a kind of thermal insulation and prevents energy transfer. One of the features of this type of window is the use of multiple profiles There is a hole in their construction. Production of UPVC double glazed windows of Alstar Industrial Complex with using CNC machines and fully automatic Elumatec Germany

In Alstar Industrial Complex, design of special facade systems by the Technical Engineering Office Consists of specialized and experienced engineers based on World day standards have been presented in this field Building with aluminum and glass (curtain wall, spider, composite) And dry facade is another capability of this industrial complex.