Both facades use glass and aluminum for construction and gaskets and glue for sealing, and the difference between the two facades is in the way of execution and installation: The transverse and horizontal profiles of the facade in the frameless are made of iron can and in the curtain wall are made of aluminum. Curtain wall facade can withstand larger glass size and higher structural permeability and stronger sealing and aeration, and usually the cost of curtain wall facade is higher than frameless.

The fixed window can only be illuminated, and the opening window provides access to the outside space by adding a hinge and rail and hinged fittings (opening to the left and right or from above in a split way). The two-way hinged opening can be opened to the left or right at the same time along with the large opening.

Fixed nets prevent insects from entering, but do not allow access to the outside space, which is accessible on sliding nets and pleats. The net in the pleated net can be folded when it does not need to be used, which is not possible in the sliding net.

Normal windows with the use of sealing and airtight gaskets and double glazing have aluminum profiles, which according to the heat transfer coefficient of aluminum, the temperature is exchanged from the profile. The mentioned weakness can be completely eliminated by using the polyamide piece globally among the consumable aluminum (thermal break aluminum). In fact, the difference between normal and thermal break windows in a similar system of proprietary aluminum is only the type of aluminum used.

Aluminum windows have a much higher strength than PVC windows due to their metal profile (aluminum). Of course, in the structure of PVC profiles, galvanizing is used to strengthen the profiles.

Installed doors and windows include aluminum or UPVC profiles, glass, fittings and sealing gaskets for construction, glue and foam for installation. Alstar services include all of the above. Installation After the completion of all current operations of the building, including roofing, masonry and whitewashing (up and down) is the best time to install doors and windows.

Aluminum profiles are produced in three groups of electrostatic and decorative powder colors (wood design) and anodized with extended color spectrums in each group. Alstar collection has the possibility of producing and presenting all the mentioned spectrums without any restrictions.